Client spotlight
Eastern Credit Union Co-operative Society Trinidad and Tobago

Getting noticed across multiple brand touchpoints


Designer on Board

Eastern Credit Union is a dynamic Financial Co-operative in Trinidad and Tobago. As a Member-focused organisation, they provide economic solutions targeted to the general public.

Designs for all touchpoints

Eastern Credit Union utilised the Designer on Board service to level-up their visibility. Our assigned designers took a birds-eye view of all the visual touchpoints and, working through the company’s internal marketing team, began to streamline the look and feel of the brand. The ongoing, overarching goal is to develop a more recognisable and engaging brand across all print and digital marketing collateral.

Intentional Design

This is an established organisation with decades of growth and service. The slogan ‘leading the way’ is their brand driver. Our everyday purpose with the Designer on Board service is – design with intention. For any requested project, Eastern Credit Union can count on us to visually portray their products and services as in touch with the everyday needs of individuals across all stated targets.

Marketing design assets for online promotions

We have provided creative support for online outreach in the form online-event naming and design. Interactive webinars and Q&A sessions have become a key avenue for Eastern Credit Union to impart general knowledge and provide overall virtual support to their customer base.

Power Up webinar series: Motif creation and social media promotional assets for a series focused on empowering entrepreneurs.

Click-worthy digital assets

Online marketing is essential, and great visuals even more so in order to attract and communicate with customers. Used well, it reinforces the value a service or company provides. We've been able to design online assets for Eastern Credit Union with a great amount of freedom, which is always good for creativity.

Virtual Round Table Discussion: An outreach series during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Corporate messaging visualised

Through this service, visuals for internal communications and public announcements are delivered. Utilising good design is great to highlight internal and external messaging. The Designer on Board service guarantees that once a clear brief is received, on-point creativity begins and positive brand perception is met.